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18 mile Group Run (11:30)


Comments: Overall a good run!

I GUed at mile 5, 9, and 14ish. It was important to me to finish mentally strong, so I made sure I was dehydrated and drank a lot of water the day before. It worked.

Around mile 14 – 15 my legs started getting really heavy, the muscles in my butt and legs started to hurt so I let the group I was running with get away from me. I didn’t want to push myself and still be that far from the end.

My left foot was getting sore under the middle toe bone starting at mile 5. At times I had to change my gait so I would be able to continue running. After I finished I was not able to put any weight down on it, and now, about 6 hours later, it finally getting better. I did ice it some after I got home. I plan on buying some inserts for my shoes, hoping that will fix the problem.

The last two miles were the toughest ones, but I was telling myself that my muscles needed the workout so they would get stronger. I listened to the book “Judge & Jury” the whole way instead of music.

It makes me chuckle when I look at the time, which is the longest I have ever run. Why? Because I can honestly say that I have given birth faster than it takes me to run 18 miles! lol

Tomorrow is a rest day! 🙂

Time: 7 am

Weather: mid 65’s degrees

Clothes: Brooks Shirt, Adidas Shorts, Fuel Belt

Shoes: Asics Gel-1120

Distance: 18.33

Time: 3:30:34

Split: 11:30

Course: Up and down Olentangy Trail


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Put a fork in me, I am done…

Well not quite, but I came close:

I ran last night, 6 miles…at mile 4 I just wanted to quit…Quit running forever! I was friggin’ hot, miserable, I felt like I had asthma, I could not breathe right due to the humidity, my legs wouldn’t move the way I wanted them to, the fertilizer in the field stank,  and my new fuel belt is different than my old one, so that was messing with the mp3 cord going to my ears, always getting tangled up with my hands. The music I was listening too was one female after another complaining about life, etc etc etc. 

But instead of giving up I dug, deep, I mean really deep inside me and forced myself to go on. I think all my running buddies, real life and online were standing behind me and beside me telling/pushing me to go on. The conversation I had with myself would have made even a sailor blush! I actually had to laugh when I growled at myself. I turned the music off and just listend to my slow ‘pidder padder’ and I made it home after 1 hour and 13 mins of running.

Seriously, I think that I pushed my body too far/hard last Sunday and it is now getting even with me: “Ha, you want me to run…I think not!” So tonight (5 miles) I am just gonna see how the bones are holding up and just make some trips around the block.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s rest day, but not the 18 miler on Saturday. lol

On a good note: I did fill out my Columbus Marathon entry form today to give to my running coach to turn in with our group. It was temping to put a check mark next to the 1/2 marathon race (I would have choosen the “Red Nose Children’s Run”, but I am a tad too old for that! lol), but I didn’t. The form asked for my Predicted Time, I wrote down 5hrs and 30 min. That should be do-able considering I ran my 1/2 marathon in 2hrs and 27 min.


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Toe Nails: Casualty of Running

Edit: I noticed that quite a few people look at this page, which leads me to assume they are trying to find out some info on toe nails, or the loss there off. I did some research a while back when I first ended up with bruised/lost nails.

You can find that research here. I hope it helps!


Original Post: It appears that my middle toe nail (right foot) will be a casualty of last Saturday’s 1/2 marathon, but it also could be from today’s run; I am not sure. What I do know is that it is sore and wearing shoes is unpleasant right now. I’d rather not loose another nail, but it won’t stop me from running.

The good thing is that the hubby tells me he’ll love me no matter how many purple/missing toe nails I have. woot!

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6 miles @ home (11:46)

Time: 7:30 am

Weather: mid 60’s, nice, sunny

Clothes: Brooks shorts, Brooks short sleeve technical shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 6.03 miles

Time: 1:10:53

Split: 11:46

Course: Past 188 and back.

Comments: I so wanted to skip this run. I thought to myself “It’s only 6 miles, I can skip this run.” Then I thought “Ok, just run 4 miles should do it.” But then my better, inner half came through and thought “Don’t cheat yourself of the run, you only will hurt yourself in the long run”. So I went out and did it with a negative split time 36:35 the first three miles and 34:02 (1:10:37 = 6 miles) the second 3 miles. Wo-hoo!!!

I did not GU. Had a dog that ran after me just before mile 3, he was a friendly fella (thank God!), but my hands smelled pretty darn bad afterwards and I didn’t want to GU! I just drank my Gatorade instead.

I have some toe pains right now, but not too bad.

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Black Toenails ~ Sore Toes

I am suffering from sore toes and received a nice set of black toenails (only 2 toes) during my 1/2 marathon. With only 8 miles as my long run in preparation for the October 21st Columbus Marathon, my toes are already starting to hurt.

I did some reaseach on it and came up with this for personal reference.

Jeff Galloway’s Injury Archives: Black Toenails

About: Black Toenail from Running or Walking

Some tips:

  • Go to a runnig shoe store and have a professional fit you with a pair of shoes
  • Buy shoes 1/2 or 1 size bigger than your street shoes
  • Clip your toe nails before running
  • Lace your shoes properly to keep the heel in the heelbox
  • Don’t increase your milage too drastically, your toes need to learn to take the pounding

It appears that a lot of people suffer from black toenails when running. Some of them minimize the discomfort with getting bigger shoes, etc, but in general, if you run (specially long runs) there is a high chance you end up with black toenails. Oh the fun!

Edit: May 28th, 2011

I still get sore toes when I run, but the toenails no longer turn purple and fall off…perhaps my toes have toughen up over the years of running. 🙂

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5 miles @ work (11:55)

Time: 9:30 am

Weather: low to mid 70’s, nice, sunny

Clothes: Adidas shorts, MiT technical shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 59:37

Split: 11:55

Course: COSI circle times 5

Comments: For some reason I thought I only had to run 3 miles today until I looked at the schedule at work. My original plan was to just run the 3 miles on the treadmill, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do 5, so I decided to try it outside.

Overall good run, walked every mile and drank Gatorade. Didn’t want to overdo it and not be able to finish it, so I took my time. I had some sidepains, but none that would stop me from running. My left foot “index” toe is hurting. It started Monday after the run. The nailbed hasn’t completely recovered from the 1/2 marathon, but was no longer hurting until Monday. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

The Garmin was only off by .07 today! Wo-hoo!

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