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Day 4 – Intervals

Comments: What great running weather! It could have been a titch cooler, but I take the below 60 degree run anyday. I need to do interval training once a week to become a faster runner. Today was the day. In the past I’d run 1/4 of a mile at a decent pace, then pick it up, then recover, pick it up, and so on. But usually by the time I get to my second to last set I am not running much faster than a snail. In order to be still able to pick up the pace at the end, I decided to walk a bit more during the recover period. For one, it makes me stronger at the end, and for two I enjoy the run just a bit more and don’t have my tongue hanging down to my feet when I finish. I don’t like those kind of runs.

Tomorrow is my first group run. 6 miles. I am looking forward to it, just not the hour long drive there and back home. 😮

Considering the amount of walking I did today during my run, I am very pleased with the time, and the fact that I didn’t kill myself out there.

Time: 10:00am

Weather: 58, sunny, nice!

Shoes: Saucony Progrid Guide 2

Distance: 3 miles

Time: 31:47

Split: 10:36

Course: Along Scioto River

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School is in session

With your help I have raised $2800 so far. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I am hoping that I can hit $3000 by the time I am running the 1/2. Wouldn’t that be awesome? That would be twice the amount of money I thought I couldn’t raise! 😉


This quarter (school) is going to be a tough one; 3 classes *sigh*. But this is my running blog, not my “here I go again, complaining” blog ! 😉

My stomach has been giving me trouble, so I (finally) had a CT scan on Tuesday. But it doesn’t show anything *sigh*. I guess that’s a good thing, however I would like to know why I have pains on my left side. Perhaps my gastroenterologist will be able to answer that for me on the 23rd, when I have my next medical procedure.

I ran 10 miles on Saturday. It went well. Again slower than I have been in the past, but, like always, I got it done. I was very sore afterwards though, specially my left leg. (All my on and off pains are on the left side in my stomach as well), so I didn’t run on Monday. I did jump on the stationary bike at home and peddled 13 miles.

On Tuesday I had the CT scan. The stuff they made me drink messed my stomach up really bad (or perhaps it was the IV, I don’t know). I was in no shape to run, other than to the bathroom. *sigh*

I planned on running three at lunch on Tuesday, but my leg hurt, so I jumped on the elliptical rider for 30 minutes (3.14 miles) and stretched some afterwards. This sounds like a week of excuses. lol

Tonight my goal is to run 6 miles on the treadmill. We’ll have to see how that goes. As of right now I don’t have any leg pain.

My father in-law had his sixth chemo on Monday. He is now officially halfway through his treatment! They still hit him pretty hard, but I think it helps to know there is a routine to it.


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Some lifting and 4

I rode the elliptical rider for 20 minutes on Monday and then lifted some weights…upper body. I am pretty sore today even though I didn’t really push it.

The weatherforcast was 71 degrees and raining. When I stepped ouside, in shorts and t-shirt it was 49 and overcast. At first I thought it would be too cold, but turns out it was actually really nice. My hands were a bit chilled, but it was not bad.

I planned on doing 3, but felt good and did another loop. I think running on the treadmill is helping me keep my pace.  I did have a few walking breaks, but my overall pace was 10:35, which I am happy with, considering I have not run outside in almost 2 weeks. I need to have a sub 10:30 pace to beat my 1/2 marathon PR…I think that’s possible. Starting next week I plan on incorporating interval training again.

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Wet 6

Comments: Rain, rain, go away…” I don’t mind running in rain, but this one was cold…

I have come to enjoy running without a fuel belt and it’s starting to hinder my long runs. I went out without one today, but it’s mileage limiting. 6 is the max I am going without a belt. I did GU at mile 4, just to make sure I wouldn’t crash at the end.

My daughter (12 y.) donated $5 today towards my TNT training. I thought that was very sweet!

Time: 8:00 am

Weather: 45, rain!

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 145.9 miles)

Distance: 6

Run Time: 1:02:24

Split: 10:24

Course: To New Salem and back.

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Easy 3

Comments: My goal was to run 3 miles at an 11 min/mile pace. I ran it a bit faster than that. 😦 The trail was still littered with sticks and small branches from the high wind (Hurricane Ike leftovers) on Sunday, which made it a bit of a challenge, but I managed. 

Time: 10 am

Weather: 65, partly sunny

Clothes: MiT shirt, Adidas Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid ( 360.9 miles)

Distance: 3

Time: 32:02

Split: 10:41

Course: Under 670 (1.5 miles out & back)

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Bike 12 @ home

Comments: No pain 🙂

Distance: 12 miles

Time: 1 hour

Course: Stationary Bike

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3.9 @ work (11:02)

Comments: I am so darn busy at work I don’t know if I am coming or going and on top of that my PC’s hard drive crashed. When it rains it pours. But today I am back at it, working late to (hopefully) get caught up!

I managed to get 3.9 miles in yesterday at lunch. It was a really nice run, the weather was great and I enjoyed the oldies I was listening to while running. I am really trying to concentrate on my form, chest out, arms in, don’t drag the feet.

On Tuesday night the hubby and I got me a ‘new baby’. A new quad (4 wheeler). She’s a beauty: an ’08 Yamaha 250 Raptor Special Edition. It leaves my ’06 Suzuki 250 Quadsport in the dust! She handles so much better (much lighter) and the shifting is so much smoother. Granted I am still improving my clutch work, but I no longer stall her! 🙂

Here is a shot of our newest addition with the proud “daddy” in the background, the hubby’s ’06 Yamaha YFZ450 Special Edition.    

I did not run today, but rather let my legs rest and worked through lunch. I am looking forward to the group run on Saturday. Should be fun!

Here are a few other pictures…not the best…but oh well. 🙂

Time: 10 am

Weather: 50…great weather

Clothes: MiT shirt and Adidas shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (74.4 miles)

Distance: 3.9

Time: 43:00

Split: 11:02

Course: To Goodale park, 1 circle & back.

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Under the knife

Well, the heading sure sounds more dramatic then it really is, or rather will be. The ultrasound did not deliver the longed for results so tomorrow hopefully he’ll find out what’s wrong and we’ll go from there.


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Eliptical Rider ~ 2 miles

Comments: The hubby isn’t feeling the greatest, so we are lifting tomorrow and got on the elliptical rider instead.  

Time: 1 pm

Workout: Elliptical Rider

Duration: 20 min

Miles: 2.02

Calories: 250

Shoes: Saucony

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Eliptical Rider ~ 4.63 miles

Comments: My legs are still sore, mainly the quad muscles. My right leg is stiff (piriformis muscle), but it doesn’t hurt when I walk. The legs feel better now that I exercised them. I developed a huge blister under my right pinky toe during the long run. It is still a tender area. 😦 But mentally I feel very good and telling people I ran 22 miles and then listening to their reply “you did what?” is great. I think I am driving my co-workers nuts with my running though lol…their loss! 😉

>>>19 days to go to the Columbus Marathon<<<

Time: 10 am

Workout: Elliptical Rider

Duration: 40 min

Miles: 4.63

Calories: 535

Shoes: Saucony


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