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1 Mile Virtual Race


This morning, just after I thought how my stomach hasn’t hurt much lately I started cramping (irritable bowl syndrome). It’s ached all morning on and off. Over the last few months I have really watched what I am eating (lost 10 lbs), cut out all carbonated drinks and only have chocolate as a treat after my Saturday long runs. I have an idea what food brought it on and could kick myself for eating it, but *sigh* you live and learn.

So with my stomach being on the not so happy side and my knee on the mend I set out to run my 1 Mile Virtual Race as set up by Life Strides (Reid). He is on a, for him very do-able, quest to break the 5 minute mile barrier. Knowing that we are all busy people he set the race date from 9/1 to 9/7. I have a long run to do on Saturday, my 1 mile virtual race was today.

I warmed up for .25 mile and then set the lap on my Garmin. My goal: To come in under 9:38, which was my previous fast mile (last mile in a 3 mile run) this year. Of course I was hoping for an under 9 minutes mile run, but knew that that would be pushing it.

Part of my race course.

Part of my "race course"; North Bank Park.

My fasted mile this year so far is, drum roll please… 9.09! I am happy about it, but also disappointed. Strange how that works. I ran a total of 2.62 miles with a 10:14 min/mile average.

During the run I learned (again) what the effects on your body are when you run too fast too early. Of course this time it was planned, but none the less it was a valuable lesson to (re) learn. My body was tired after that fast mile!


Good luck, Life Strides, with your goal and thank you for setting up this race. I’ll be sending you positives vibes on Saturday!

Time: 9:45am

Weather: 77, sunny, humid hot!

Clothes: Brooks sleeveless shirt, NB Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid ( 318.2 miles)

Distance: 1 mile Total: 2.62

Time: 9.09 Total: 26:44

Split: 9.09, overall: 10:12

Course: Through North Banks Park, under I-670 and back (1.31 out and back).

North Bank Park picture courtesy of karen08 at Columbus on Camera.


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